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Chemicals are produced through a combination of reactive elements, and can be found in solid, liquid, or gaseous states. The term chemical refers to a vast number of substances and processes that cannot be fully addressed in a single comprehensive manner
Adhesives are natural or synthetic substances primarily used as glue. The first natural adhesives date back thousands of years and were made from a variety of trees, plants, starches, flour, and certain animal skins. In ancient times, these organic materials were mixed with water to create a sticky paste substance.
A machine is a mechanical, electric, or electronic device capable of performing work. Its usefulness derives from the ability to modify the total energy used to achieve a task. A simple machine changes the direction or quantity of applied force through a mechanical advantage
A pump uses pressure differentials to transport various liquids and gases from one place to another. There are two major types of pump: positive displacement pumps, which force a specific volume of fluid through a pressurized discharge channel
Processing implies that a certain operation or action requires more than one step in the manufacturing of a product, there are several steps in which materials are treated and prepared.
Electrical energy generation involves the conversion of non-electrical power into a form of current that can be applied for industrial purposes. 
Automation is a method of controlling machines or equipment through electronic and automatic devices with as little human interference as possible. It has become especially prevalent within the industrial manufacturing field due to rapid innovations in computerized technology.
An instrument is an engineering device used for identifying, measuring, recording, or controlling the value of a given quantity. There is a diverse variety of industrial instruments, many of them highly specialized and designed for specific applications. Speedometers, scales, and clocks are examples of fairly common